Now at The Prestige Project: fixed prices pigeons!

Gaby Vandenabeele, Leo Heremans, Jan Hooymans, Dirk van den Bulck...
With the unique new concept 'The Prestige Project' European Pigeon Website now offers fanciers the opportunity to breed youngsters from exceptional pigeons. Fanciers from all over the world are now able to select the most exclusive quality pigeons from our breeding loft. Join The Prestige Project, compose the couple of your dreams, start breeding and become the owner of a new born champion!


Now at The Prestige Project: fixed price pigeons!
We are enjoyed to receive so many orders this year for Prestige Project youngsters. Frequently fanciers asked us if we also have Prestige Project pigeons from 2018 available. On special request we selected a group of pigeons which are for sale at a fixed price on our website.

Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons for sale - click here
Leo Heremans pigeons for sale - click here
Jan Hooymans pigeons for sale - click here
Dirk van den Bulck pigeons for sale - click here
Jos en Jules Engels pigeons for sale - click here


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