• BE10-6031862
  • Hen
  • Bred by Gaston v.d. Wouwer
  • Eye color: White
  • Color: Blue
  • Popularity:

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Price for breeding a youngster: € 500,-

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Grandfather = BE98-6335690 “KAASBOER” (Original Jozef Govaerts)

Amazing breeder at the Gaston van de Wouwer loft!

The descendants to “KAASBOER” are the winners to a.o.:
1. Nat. Bourges 33.461 birds for Gaston van de Wouwer
1. Nat. Montlucon 22.875 birds 2012 for Marcel Vercammen
1. Nat. LA Souterraine 21.782 birds 2010 for Erwin Schepmans
1. Nat. Argenton 19.782 birds 2011 for Kris Cleirbaut
1. Nat. Nevers 11.579 birds 2013 for Leo & Gerry Dockx
1. Nat. Bourges 17.061 birds
1. Nat. Gueret 14.245 birds 2009 for Gaston van de Wouwer
1. Nat. B Poutuers 2.538 birds 2013 for Gaston van de Wouwer

A selection of titles, won by descendants to “KAASBOER”:
1. Olympiad Pigeon Allround 2009
1. Hebei Movie-TV Race China One Loft Race 2013
1. Carwinner SCMDPR South Africa 2011
1. Carwinner SCMDPR South Africa 2013
1. Nat. Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2011 for Casaert Senechal
1. Nat. Ace Heavy M.D. KBDB 2013 for Casaert Senechal
1. Nat. Champ L.D. Youngsters KBDB 2007 for Gaston van de Wouwer

Original Gaston van de Wouwer

General characteristics
Size Big
Length Short
Back Very strong
Balance Balanced
Muscles Very supple
Vitality Very strong
Colour density Very strong
Strength Very strong
Strength vent bones Very strong
Position vent bones Very closed
Wing characteristics
Feather Long and small
Plumage Thick plumage
Feathers Very soft
Suppleness Very supple

Pigeon Control Report written on: 01-01-2017

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