You need to have a registered account if you want to order youngsters from a couple you've composed. After registration, your account will need to be approved before you can place an order.

You can register here or contact us for help via e-mail.

You can ask for a new password here or contact us for help via e-mail.


When you’ve selected your couple of choice you’ll find the price of the youngster in the box above the pedigree. The price (incl. VAT), is determined based on the hen and cock you selected. The price is the sum of the price of a youngster from a specific cock and the price of a youngster from a specific hen.

Once you have made your order, exclusive live video imagery of the selected couple will be available only for you. You can find it in the restricted (login) area. For this optional service we charge our clients EUR200,- (incl. VAT) for each youngster that is ordered.

NOTE! This service is currently not available, we are working on the implementation. Coming soon! 


You can book a couple for a specific timeslot. During the year we have 5 timeslots available for you to start breeding. At the ‘start breeding’ section you will find the available time slots (in GREEN) for each pigeon. When a time slot is marked RED you’ll know that a pigeon is reserved. When you want to book a cock or hen for a specific timeslot, breeding can only start at the beginning of the timeslot.


When you order a youngster, 30% of the total payment in the invoice needs to be settled in advance. The payment needs to be settled within 3 days, otherwise the order will be cancelled. The remaining amount should be settled normally within 7 calendar days from the date the youngster is ready for transportation. On the invoice we’ll inform you when the youngster is old enough.

A pigeon will only be shipped / can only be picked up after The Prestige Project has received your full payment. We prefer payments in euros to avoid losses due to foreign currencies.

The prices of the pigeons at The Prestige Project are given in Euros. The exchange rate is subject to change, the real exchange rate in accordance with the bank’s spot selling exchange rates prevail.

Calculate the exchange rate of your country:​

DNA Certificate

A DNA certificate is a document provided by an authorised veterinary surgeon that confirms the relationship between the pigeon and its sire and/or dam through scientific research.

With a DNA certificate The Prestige Project can prove the relationship to father and/or mother. The main reason for us to provide a DNA certificate is that it gives certainty about the parentage of a pigeon for all parties involved.

The DNA shows the relationship with father and mother, given that father and mother are available at The Prestige Project breeding loft (still alive, not yet sold, etc.).


If a pigeon is dead on arrival, photos should be taken and reported to The Prestige Project via e-mail and the original ring, ring card and pedigree should be sent back to the headquarters within 24 hours after receipt.

If a pigeon is ill on arrival, this must be reported to The Prestige Project via e-mail within 24 hours after receipt of the pigeon.

The sex of all youngsters sold on The Prestige Project has been determined through DNA testing. The gender of youngsters is therefore guaranteed.

Contact The Prestige Project via e-mail if you have any questions or complaints about your purchases.

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