In 2018 Xuan decided to bring all Heremans pigeons into a very successful total auction on European Pigeon Website. With his new born youngsters he made a fresh new start and began racing at the lofts he hired in Vorselaar. For the breeding loft (managed by EPW / The Prestige Project) he bought back some of the best breeders in the total auction. It was the start of a new era. Leo Xuan became the guardian of the legacy of Leo Heremans.

Superb racing results in 2019
In 2019 Leo Xuan raced with the yearlings in the strong Tienverbond combine. The main results:
1. Championship Yearlings Quievrain Tienverbond 2019 (1st and 2nd nominated)
2. Championship Yearlings Quievrain Tienverbond 2019 (1st nominated)
5. Championship Yearlings Tienverbond 2019 (1st and 2nd nominated)
5. Acebird Quievrain Yearlings Tienverbond 2019
8. Acebird Noyon Yearlings Tienverbond 2019

A golden collection of Heremans breeders
Down bellow you will find a selection of the breeders owned by Leo Xuan. A golden collection with the best (grand-)children, brothers and sister to a.o. 'Olympiade 003', 'De Jan', 'Nieuwe Olympiade', 'Olympic Sperwer', 'Euro', 'Rossi', 'Eenoogkse' and the more recent star '030'. Unique in the world!

2017 The Prestige Project

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